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Drive-thru Herring



SELF SERVICE – Iced Tuna bait available in 80 lb bags @$30 each at Rye Harbor. Feel free to take a couple king whiting for tuna bait with each bag and go get Charlie!!

Check in the gray or blue xactic bin marked next to the fuel pumps -see photo :)

We will be landing herring Wednesday and Thursday (Aug 1,2 ) and should have bait available in the coolers on the dock (marked Rimrack)  call 603.436.4444

Summer Update

Currently, we have whiting and herring available on request (Mondays through Thursdays).

Whiting @  $1/lb.
Herring for tuna bait and food
Call/text  603.436.4444 for availability

I am not sure why it took so long but last week we cooked whiting for the first time ever. We cooked it up   two ways to compare and both were a very pleasant surprise. With both recipes, we gutted, cut the head off and scaled the fish.

The first way was a simple coating of flour and fried in a frying pan with oil.

The second was in a tin foil enclosed pocket with fresh mushroom, julienned carrots, sauteed shallots and fresh lemon juice roasted at 380* for approx 25 mins.

Thanks to Tatiana from Nashua for these recipes! I would make both again even though there was some effort working around the bones… but it’s the same with smelt too. And the price makes it a serious protein bargain.