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Herring Update

Bait is currently available in the vats/coolers at Rye Harbor. The Rimrack will be fishing early tomorrow (Sat) morning 3 miles east of White Island. We stand by on VHF ch74 and can easily transfer the good stuff without any weight. We plan on landing in Rye before noon to restock the coolers. Tight lines, Mike

Amber Olive strikes again!!




When your hot, you’re Hot!! Fred from the F/V Amber Olive says “Hey guys thought I’d pass along a pic from last week of Dan’s 2nd fish in as many days thanks to bait from off the back of Rimrack.”

New user friendly vats!



Check out our new low-profile user friendly vats full of fresh herring at Rye Harbor commercial pier. Serious supply and 7/24 self-service!

Herring update

Rimrack crew, Ace and Randall, happy with themselves after trading 10 ‘hogsheads’ of herring for a barrel of rum off the ‘Bounty’ :)


Oh yes, and check out our new user friendly lower vats filled with fresh herring today….. easily accessible!!




HMS Bounty

Unusual site on the herring grounds this morning! The HMS Bounty, a famous replica ship featured in the Marlon Brando film “Mutiny on the Bounty,” and most recently in “Pirates of the Caribbean II”, stopped by Star Island on Tuesday.

We will be hauling back 7am tomorrow (Thursday). In the meantime, the bins are full on the dock. G.Binette is at it again with Charlie. Stay tuned…..

Herring Update

The Rimrack will not be on the fishing grounds tomorrow…taking a well deserved day off! At this time there are 3 vats filled with herring. We should be back fishing Monday. For payments at sea, please mail to 10 Washington Rd, Rye NH 03870


Melissa Smith, Sea sampler extraordinaire observing Rimrack’s catch :)

What a picture!!

Dan Beaulieu’s got another one…..99 inches and dressed at 462lbs ! Waiting for a picture of his second mate – his dog lol!

Herring Update


Wednesday 2pm – The bait bins are sold out and will be refilled tomorrow early afternoon. $30 per bag (approx 80lbs)


Thursday 9am – We are out herring fishing and hope to be docked by noon. Planning the same for Friday



Fish Burger

Our  striper recipe turned out too loose so the recipe is adjusted as best as possible. We didn’t have enough panko to add, so the remaining burger mixture  turned into a striper casserole (see photo below :), topped with some Parmesan cheese and panko with a little butter and olive oil baked at 350*

Fish Burger
2 lbs of  diced/ground striped bass(cut the red meat out) (or other white fish like Pollock/cod/haddock)
2 shallots, chopped
2 scallions, chopped
1 egg
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1-2 garlic cloves, minced
Panko crumbs
Butter and olive oil as needed


½ – ¾  cup mayonnaise
1-2 reserved teaspoons fresh lemon juice
1-2 garlic, minced
parsley, chopped to taste

Saute shallots and garlic in olive oil and mix with burger ingredients. Be sure the batter is not too thin or runny.
Make patties and dredge in panko crumbs.
Brown in butter/olive oil over med-high heat for 3-4 minutes. Finish in 350* oven if you like.
Serve on toasted roll with aioli, and tomato, lettuce if you like.

Leftover burger mixture






turned into striper sandwich with aioli on Me… Continue reading

“taking care of business”

Both bins (marked RimrackFish) at Rye Harbor are filled with herring (tuna bait) tonight. 80lb bag @ $25 until Monday. We will not be herring fishing again until Monday, landing mid-day.

In the meantime, the stripers seem to like our herring too, while our friends from Candia watch as Mike fillet’s a striper caught by avid fisherman Schyler Savage!

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