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Herring update

The bait coolers are sold out/empty.

Next expected fishing trip Wednesday Oct 3,….stay tuned for updates early next week.

Let’s hear it for the Compadre out of Rye!

Thanh’s Kitchen

Thanh  used some of our herring recently and shared some of her family’s recipes on her really cool Thanh’s Kitchen BLOG. She has lots of other great seafood recipes for squid, crab, mussels, lobster….. Check it out!!

Heads-Up! Current Herring Update

We are limited to 25 bags of herring per day (until Oct 19th), We suggest that you have a secondary bail source because there will not be enough to go around. Not much we can do about it :(

News Alert !

Spawning Closure for Atlantic Herring September 21st….. We are now only allowed an incidental bycatch of 2000 pounds of herring per day. This at times will limit the availability for us to keep supplies to meet demand. We will do the best we can to have a continuous supply. Please stay tuned :)

FISHTIVAL – Come on by Saturday 12-4pm!!

To all of our friends and customers, we encourage you to stop by FISHTIVAL to visit us at the ‘What Fish Is This?’ table. We will really look forward to having time to chat and catch up. It’s a terrific event to meet and support other local fishermen, entertaining and fun for the whole family, especially the youngins!!

Celebrating 400 years of local seafood, the Fourth Annual Fish & Lobster Festival takes place Saturday, September 22nd, from 12 to 4 pm at Prescott Park in Portsmouth. This outdoor event, also known as the Fishtival, showcases fishing culture, industry and food

Wind forecast at Windfinder


Check out our favorite wind forecaster……… Windfinder

Happy, happy!!

Very happy to see the Sam and crew on F/V Privateer strike it yesterday!!

Portsmouth Herald article on fishery disaster

Local skepticism over federal fishery ‘disaster’ declaration

Aid for N.H. boats doubted

By Joey Cresta
September 14, 2012 2:00 AM

PORTSMOUTH — Seacoast fishermen are just beginning to sort out the potential impacts of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s declaration of a disaster for the Northeast commercial fishing industry.

On Wednesday, acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank issued fishery disaster determinations in the Northeast, Alaska and Mississippi. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the declarations pave the way for Congress to appropriate money toward alleviating the financial hardship caused by the disaster.

“If money is appropriated, NOAA will work closely with Congress and the states to develop plans to preserve coastal communities,” the statement said.

In New England, despite fishermen’s adherence to strict catch limits, several key fish stocks — most prominently cod — in the Northeast groundfish fishery are not rebuilding according to NOAA and further cuts are expected in 2013.

In a letter from Blank to Gov. John Lynch, the Department of Commerce official said she became “deeply concerned” about potential impacts to Northeast fishermen and fishing communities after reviewing information available on the potential catch limits for 2013.

“The Department of Commerce and the… Continue reading

FISHTIVAL – September 22nd



Save the date for FISHTIVAL (aka NH Fish and Lobster Festival), Saturday September 22nd. A fun day for family, friends and community to support and learn more about our NH fishermen and industry. Stop by and visit us at WHAT FISH IS THIS along with other fishermen.