Monthly Archives: October 2012

Halibut surprise

Change of pace from herring fishing!!

Herring news

Herring have left the building’. It was lots of fun while it lasted and will be looking forward to next year. In the meantime, check in periodically for other venues.
With much appreciation, ‘the nice guy from Rye’ :)

Bait – Monday

Bait is available in the coolers at Rye Harbor.

F/V Rimrack mugs from Salmon Falls Stoneware!!

One of the big reasons we love selling direct off our boat is connecting with community, offering a needed service (feeding people and other fish :) and making new friends. Check out the beautiful mugs our fisherman friend, Andy, gave us from Salmon Falls Stoneware. The tuna mugs can be individualized to boat/captain names, fish sizes… or they can make anything else you want like the pictured sailing ship which replicates an Anderson family tatoo! who knew? but we want to spread the news!! Check out their website !!


As a point of interest, yesterday we witnessed more seals in one day than we have for the last 35 years together. Call it a herd or migration or whatever, they stretched out in large numbers for over a mile! Local lobstermen are aware of the clever fondness that these seals have for opening the trap doors and eating the lobster bait (which is normally herring). Imagine that….