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Strange critters

Bluecrabeel snake   Geoduck?Having been a crazy week hauling up the Mammoth Tooth, we haven’t had time to post about a few other strange critters we have seen this week on the website.  A Blue crab which is typically found more to the south, a Mya truncata, a Cyrtodaria siliqua or Northern Propellerclam  and a pipefish!

Shrimping season is over for Rimrack

Our shrimping efforts are over for the year. We will continue to scallop fish until late April when we head off to Cape Cod for squid fishing.

We expect to resume scallop fishing on our return in early June.

Surprise catch!!

wooly mammoth BIG surprise in our catch…. a woolly mammoth tooth !!. Pretty amazing to know it may be over 10,000 years old!!!!   From NH….. Joey Cresta’s ‘Mammoth tooth believed found in local waters’ Portsmouth Herald, Fisherman finds mammoth tooth in load of scallops,  Union Leader, and Fisherman reels in possible mammoth tooth, WMUR!!

We’re out scallop fishing today for your dinner needs through the weekend.

We recommend you reserve your order for off-the-boat scallops(603.343.1500) and meet the Rimrack at Rye Harbor State Marina Thursday at landing…ETA 6pm-ish. Let us know if you would like some scallop shells with your order!

Can’t make it to the harbor? Try Yankee Coop, Seaport Fish or Sanders and ask for locally caught seafood.

Our next planned scallop trip may not be for a few days. We will post when we know…stay tuned :)


Scallop Shell Delight

Whoa!! Lookie what one of our awesome customers did with one of the scallop shells we gave her, along with putting some in the garden and we are sure many other uses :) Thank you Pat for the thoughtful and beautiful gift!

When buying scallops, please feel free to ask for some shells :)

Shrimp Update

Shrimp Update–  The shrimping has dropped right off and pretty dismal. Unless we hear better news, it looks like we are done for this season.

We are now  SCALLOP fishing on trips!! See Daily Catch

Scallops Scallops

Make dinner an adventure tonight (Saturday). Come to Rye Harbor to get seriously sweet scallops caught off the Rimrack.  The scallops are shucked and ready for the pan or the freezer (they freeze fantastically!)  Expected ETA 6pm-ish. Call 603.343.1500 to reserve your order!!

See Daily Catch for more details

Shrimp note –  The shrimping has dropped right off and pretty dismal. Unless we hear better news, it looks like we are done for this season.



Shrimping Days rule change!

ASMFC changed shrimping days to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday starting Feb 11th. Our plans are to fish all days and go scallop fishing on the off-days, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.

We will resume fishing as soon as the seas settle out from the storm. Stay tuned…..


Sweet and Sour Shrimp or Scallops

SS scallopsS&S scallopsS&S sauce
1 – 2 cups of fresh cut PINEAPPLE
2 – 3 fresh ORANGE JUICE (try Blood oranges)
2 T squeezed fresh LEMON JUICE

1/3 cup diced ONION
1/2 cup diced PICKLED cherry PEPPERS
1 – 2 GREEN ONIONS cut

1 – 2 cups raw SHRIMP MEAT and/or SCALLOPS
handful – pea pods sauteed/blanched/steamed to taste

1 cup uncooked brown rice (use white if you like, but brown brings healthy and earthy to the table)

Saute Pineapple in 1 T olive oil and 1 T butter until soft
Mix orange juice, vinegar, honey, olive oil, lemon juice and red pepper flakes.
Add to pineapple.

Cook shrimp/scallops over med high heat for about 1-2 minutes. DO NOT OVERCOOK.

Top brown rice with pea pods, onion, shrimp/scallops,  pickled peppers,green onion and maybe a few small pieces of fresh blood orange :)  Drizzle sauce.  Use cornstarch with the sauce if you like it thicker.

Please  adjust ingredients based on taste and enjoy!!

Paired with Argentinian Pie de Palo,  Viognier – 2012, thanks to Sue at Fresh Market, Portsmouth!




A Winter Trek for Local Shrimp

A terrific post “A Winter Trek for Local Shrimp”
by A Diary of a Tomato Blog including shrimp recipes and wonderful photos that captured Monday night !