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Looks like the Rimrack will continue to fish off Cape Cod another week. Stay tuned…..



Whoa! Epic catch off Hyannis yesterday! IMG_8789

Kelsea returning skate/ray to the deep blue :)

Rimrack Scallop wreath’s



It’s a wonderful thing when we see our efforts fully used and always a joy when it happens so creatively !! Jane Ansaldo Church used our shells for this cool wreath she made for us.  Thank you Jane! She has been collecting beach and ocean finds for years and “loves the idea of reusing things to create artwork appreciating natural things from our earth”. She sells her creations (always one-of-a-kind) at various gift stores in the area, including Just Us Chickens in Kittery ME…..(I think the angel shell ornaments are hers)


Give Jane a call at 603.686.0788 for more details/information!


Team Rimrack is out scalloping today but it’s much too hot to be sellling off the dock. Our scallops are available at Sanders Fish Market and Seaport Fish Market.

We are re-assessing our next move fishing for the upcoming week.  Stay tuned….

Back in Rye and Herring Update


No good news to report. We tried perennial herring ground hot spots today with dismal results. Past experience tells us a poor start means a poor season, not only for bait, but for tuna also.  (No bait, no fish).  We will keep testing the waters and hope that this is an exception.

The herring stock seem to be in  better shape both north and south of here, but not very prolific in our area for whatever reason.

In the meantime, we are challenged to determine our next move….stay tuned.

Photo: Isles of Shoals sunrise this morning.

Cape Cod fishing


We made the 14 hour steam to the Cape in search of conch, fluke and crabs. It’s hard to tell when we will return to Rye Harbor to resume scallop and to start herring fishing. The bottom line is if we are making $$ the longer we will stay :)  In the meantime, the scallop grounds are getting some rest and we are trying something different …. a little risk and new adventure.

Stay tuned for updates

4th UPDATE !

Wednesday– ETA 5pm for scallops off-the-boat at Rye Harbor.

Thursday – ETA  – 3pm

Friday July 5th and after –  No trips until further notice

NOTE F/V Rimrack will be headed south (off the Cape)  this weekend, until later this month.
Until our return, possibly 2 weeks, the scallop trips will be on hold. Stay tuned……

Be sure to stock up and freeze some scallop stash!
As a reminder, the scallops keep for days in the fridge if allowed to ‘breathe’ by covering loosely with a moist paper towel or top.
Scallops freeze fantastically!! Make sure to push out any air when freezing (we add a little water in ziploc bags).
They are negligibly  noticeable from fresh, if at all…..seriously.