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One of most popular & healthiest edible fish in the world – HERRING

herring butterfish dinnerSo tonight we pan sauteed whole butterfish and filleted herring. ‘Crazy delicious’ are the unanimous opinions from BOTH captain Mike and Padi. We are definitely in for another go tomorrow night!

The butterfish was headed and gutted (H&G), the very small herring (skin on) was scaled and filleted. Both were dredged with flour, seasoned with some paprika and secret bomshell  “Chacherie’s Creole Seasoning” (a special find from Team Rimrack’s Mark Berube). We’re sure any creole/similar/your favs  types will do. The fish were cooked in olive oil and butter on high heat. Remove the fish, add butter and some TERRIFIC Cayuga White (Jewell Towne Vineyard) deglazing pan for sauce. Drink the rest….we did :)
Our garden supplied  a big fat Vidalia onion, sauteed and caramelized, fresh tomato and cucumber.

The BIG question is, “why do we not eat these beautiful delicious fishes here” ? First off, they are not readily available to the public!!! Yes, that is right!  Another reason is, they are not on restaurant menu’s, we didn’t grow up eating these delectable’s, we do not ‘know’ them and on and on….

Do yourself and your family a favor. IF you are into yummy fish,… Continue reading

Saturday Update – Uptick in Herring stocks!!


Vats are full and we will be hauling back after sunrise tomorrow,
3 miles east of the Isles of Shoals (White Island), standing by on ch74.

Good luck and best wishes (we think you will need it :)

Photo:  Team Rimrack, Brian, bearing down on the shovel today.

We are expecting the same results tomorrow at sunrise!




Thursday – Friday Update

As previously posted in July ……”No good news to report. We tried perennial herring ground hot spots today with dismal results. Past experience tells us a poor start means a poor season, not only for bait, but for tuna also. (No bait, no fish). We will keep testing the waters and hope that this is an exception. The herring stock seem to be in much better shape both north and south of here, but not very prolific in our area for whatever reason.”

Our observations, though bleak, seem to be accurate for both bait and tuna.

The vat is stocked with a mix of whiting, mudhake and herring – not first choice, but that’s all we got.

Rimrack will be fishing Thursday, 6 miles east of the Merrimack River, and Friday, 4 miles east of the Shoals.
Standing by on ch74

Kelsea’s video on Who Fishes Matters

Look at NAMA’s ‘Who Fishes Matters’ video of Kelsea on what it means to us about what we do and importance of our catches in our local food system.


Silver Hake (aka whiting) off Rimrack at Seaport!!

Good news! the Rimrack found some large Silver Hake (whiting) today.

Today we are partnering with Seaport Fish to make it available for consumers that ordinarily will have no chance on ever getting any of this seasonal and local fish…..and off the F/V Rimrack!! Should be delivered by 3pm. BTW, Seaport has a new location in Kittery Maine now.

Here are some whiting recipes, but I would think any white fish recipe would be fine.

Looks like the UK is trying to promote under-rated (Whiting) fish too, and have shared some interesting recipes that would work with a lot of fish…..
How to Cook Whiting and Whiting RecipesWhiting is One of the Tastiest Eating Fish in Any Sea




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Cucumber Gazpacho and Tostadas recipes with shrimp

It’s a beautiful thing going to your freezer and being able to pull out shrimp, or scallops from your stash off-the-boat, whenever you need!    What’s in your freezer ? :)

Fantastically deliiish looking recipe from Diary of a Tomato blog
Cucumber Gazpacho with Shrimp, Basil and Lime

 Also, from our friends Craig and Judy…. yum, Yum and YUM
Shrimp Tostadas with Apricot-Cilantro Salsa and Feta

Both recipes combining all the many wonderful ingredients that are seasonal now in your gardens or local farms/farmer’s markets!

Friday update


Friday – Herring ETA 3pm

Sat & Sun – planned herring trip

Monday ?

Tues(8/20), Wed(8/21) No Trips

**Sstanding by on ch74 for at-sea pick-up

Herring Vats

herring VATS

The Vats are filled with fresh & iced herring. Come on down and get your Rimrack brand bait in 2 vats on left……

We are out fishing again tomorrow and currently expect to go Sat & Sun….. fishing  about 4-5 miles east of White Island

Call us on ch74 for at-sea pick-up.


Team Rimrack @ Rye Seafood Throwdown

rye throwdown judgesKelsea representing Rimrack as a judge at yesterday’s Seafood Throwdown at the Rye Farmer’s Market – the mystery fish revealed was DOGFISH. The chefs competing from Anneke Jans, Kittery ME & Serentiy Cafe Rye,NH. Other judges included Rye fisherman Jon Drake, Rye farmer Mel Lowe, and Jim Raynes from the Rye Conservation Commission. The  NAMA sponsored Throwdown “Who Fishes Matters”,  was awesomely emceed by Brett Tolley!!

“This was my first time eating Dogfish. I was so surprised how much I liked it! Both chefs did an amazing job to show that this locally caught fish (which is available in abundance in our local waters) could and should be a future seafood choice for our community. — Times are changing and so is our ocean, what a great opportunity to value the food that it is providing us right here in our local waters, as well as the fishing families who work hard to get these fish directly to your dinner table. This is an example of one of the efforts that is part of a movement we need to hold onto a 400 year-old local industry and my own family’s way of life and future” – Kelsea Anderson/Team Rimrack