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Scallops off-the-boat !!

scallop meatsGet ready for some fun Wednesday….. Red Sox and Scallops!!  Rimrack will be selling our freshly caught ‘jewels of the sea’ scallops off-the-boat on Wednesday, 5pm at Rye Harbor !!  Please call us with your order, although it is not a necessity. As always, please check in for updates and any changes mid afternoon.

Think about the ga-zillion of ways  to use scallops, especially for the holidays and even share them as very special gifts!  Oh yeah, holiday and party gifts….why bring wine when you can bring scallops, or both :)  WHAT AN IDEA !!

Nothing is better than fresh caught, shucked scallops off-the-boat and caught that day!! Remember that Scallops freeze fantastically and keep for days in the fridge if stored properly. Most of our customers (including Team Rimrack) take advantage of this option to keep a ‘stash’ of portion sized packages in the freezer!

When storing in refrigerator, let the scallops breathe by keeping a loose wet paper towel or top over them, they will keep for days….seriously!We plan to continue scalloping through March, as weather and availability permits, but there is no way to gauge schedules/trips in our business :)

Please feel free to… Continue reading

Rimrack Update & end of season Thanks!!

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Team Rimrack, would like to thank all of our lobstermen, tuna & bass fishermen and our wonderful customer friends for a great season. It really has been a blast (although the tuna could have cooperated more) seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The connection and access with off-the-dock herring, whiting, butterfish, squid and scallops to our communities and consumers from NH and throughout New England, has brought us huge enjoyment.

Although it does bring it’s challenges, the rewards of meaningful awareness and access to healthy, fresh seafood is worth it and helps us continue to do what we love . Check out Slow Fish’s Rimrack profile  along with other artisanal fishermen around the world, and why it is so important :)

It has been a wonderful season for catching such great seafood (we liken it to ‘organic’) and developing a terrific way for our neighbors and communities ability to access seafood directly off-the-boat while coming down and enjoying the adventure of seeing NH’s working waterfront at scenic Rye Harbor. This season, we partnered up with our local retail markets, Sanders Fish Market, Seaport Fish Market, Seaview Lobster Co. and Yankee Coop with our beautiful scallops, and… Continue reading

Bait Payments

doug homan tuna


We would like to thank everyone who bought bait over the season and as a reminder for the at-sea bait, to send checks to
‘Parental Guidance Inc’
10 Washington Rd
Rye NH 03870



Monday Scallop Update

scallop breakfast

Landing  Monday 5:30 pm **

**Tonights ETA could possibly change during the day. Stay tuned for updates. Thx!

Reserved order and Updates….603.343.1500

Photo: “Capts. delight” (scallops with anything), but breakfast this morning!!