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No dock sales to mid-January.

No dock sales to mid-January.

Rimrack scallops available at Yankee Market, Seabrook NH, Sanders Market Portsmouth NH

Happy New Year!

Tuesday – Last call for scallops & Xmass Brunch!!!!

We are fishing Monday for Tuesday pickup while supplies last !

ORDERS ONLY – Tuesday 12pm pickup at Rye Harbor. Call 603.343.1500    Currently, as landings are later at night, we are selling scallops the next day,  by order.   All packaged and ready for pickup!
Rimrack dayboat sea scallops come directly from the water caught with love and care. They are making the PERFECT holiday gift!

No dock sales Dec 25th – mid-January.

Word from Capt Mike today….
A must for Xmass brunch – Scallops, Eggs, Bacon/Ham & Fruit

scallop breakfast

Saturday, Sunday and Monday scallops for pickup

Fri scallops


Call for orders (Friday, Saturday and Sunday trips) for Saturday, Sunday. Monday pickup at Rye Harbor (noon or 5pm).

Currently we are selling scallops from trips the next day,  by order. All packaged and ready for pickup (noon or 5pm)!

Rimrack dayboat sea scallops come directly from the water caught with love and care. They are making the PERFECT holiday gift!

Scallop Alert

RR scallop fishing

  The Rimrack is out today with planned trips the next 2 days.

Place your orders (603.343.1500) now for next day pickup 12 noon or 5pm, Saturday and Sunday at Rye Harbor!  Orders only.

Our scallops will make that special dinner, party or gift a stand out! Remember that Scallops freeze fantastically – most of our customers take advantage of this option to keep a ‘stash’ of portion sized packages in the freezer!

Please forward to a friend if you think they might be interested in getting fresh scallops directly off our boat at Rye Harbor!

FYI, we will not be having off-the-dock sales from Christmas to Jan11th

Happy holidays!

Lunch update

scallop salad 2

Luckily  I had frozen scallop stash for lunch as all of our catch today needs to go to customers! This salad continues to keep me happy thinking about it. Lucky me! Lettuce from Hollister farm(Lee NH), some onion, walnuts and my pickled cherry peppers with Asian sesame dressing and fresh lime juice. Simple but exquisite !


Scallop Trip coming!

scallop meats

We are venturing out for a scallop trip returning late Tuesday.

We will be taking orders only.

Call ahead to Order, 603.343.1500,   for your share of fresh caught scallops off-the-boat for Wednesday pick up.

Our ‘dayboat’ sea scallops are absolutely the best tasting scallops you can imagine. They will last for days because they are days ahead of fresh from most other sources. Scallops freeze exceptionally well and even better than what you can get as fresh most anywhere else. No comparison !!

Wednesday orders are now filled at this time – Call Tuesday night for wait list or order for next trip :)


Scallop Update

After this northeaster, the weather is looking promising  for Tuesday/Wednesday to get out.   Stay tuned for weather forecast updates and get ready to put your orders in.

Or, just put your order in now and we will email/call/text you on our next trip.


Shrimp Moratorium for 2014

Word is that ASMFC  has voted for a Shrimp Moratorium for the 2014 season. And, it doesn’t look good for the next couple of years!

The decision was unanimous from all industry sectors. This is bad news for fishermen and very bad news for Gulf of Maine shrimp stocks.

ASMFC press release with some insight on 2014 Shrimp season closure……
“In the Gulf of Maine, increasing water temperatures and a decline in phytoplankton abundance (a foodsource for shrimp) are factors which likely have and will continue to contribute to the poor recruitment in the stock.
The increased abundance of northern shrimp predators (spiny dogfish, redfish and silver hake)may play a role in declining biomass. Northern shrimp stocks in other areas of the world (Greenland, Flemish Cap, Grand Banks) have also seen decreasing trends in abundance and recruitment, providing additional evidence that environmental conditions are impacting northern shrimp across their range.”

Regulators cancel shrimp season in Gulf of Maine …….”Part of the problem is a warming ocean and the absence of the normal springtime surge of plankton, the microscopic creatures that make up a critical link at the bottom of the ocean food chain, scientists say.”