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Next planned Scallop dock Sales March 8th

The Rimrack will be tied up while we take some time off and head to the FL Keys ! We plan to resume scallops off-the-boat dock sales beginning March 8th, weather permitting.

Spring is coming :) and March/early April is usually a good time to load up on freezer stashes as we head off to the Cape in late April squid fishing for a couple of months.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any feedback that you would like to share. It is very important for us to know where we can improve or change !!

We appreciate the support of our communities to help us continue to do what we love doing….fishing  !

Sunday off-the-boat scallops!! Place you order!!!

Big Scall

Order now for Sunday Rimrack Fish  off-the-boat Scallops at Rye Harbor. 12noon or 5pm pick-up choice.  603.343.1500. Extra scallops available for last minute plans.

In the meantime or if you can’t make the dock, our scallops are readily available at Sanders Fish Truck (Concord) or Sanders Fish Market (Portsmouth) as well as Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative (Seabrook)

Next planned dock sales will not be until March 8th :)


We appreciate the support of our communities to help us continue to do what we love doing….fishing  !

Three Cheers for Sens Ayotte and Shaheen!

***Rimrack JPEG logoThree cheers for our NH Senator’s who have been stepping it up for NH fishing industry, our fishermen and state. They have been working energetically behind the scenes while consistently listening and engaging  with us in the fishing industry to understand our myriad of ecological, economic and political complexities !

Shaheen, Ayotte Meet With Federal Officials to Discuss Relief for New England


Happy Valentine’s :)

Herring Recipes

picled herring

Although it is not herring season here (until July), it is in California. San Francisco restaurants, markets and clientele are finding ways to go ‘hyperlocal’…..  Check out some of the great information on herring nutrition and benefits, as well as some cool recipes to try when our Herring season arrives.

Bay Area’s Herring Run Is On — Go Hyperlocal in Your Seafood Eating


Photo – Our pickled herring from last August :)

Next Scallops off-the-boat dock sales

RR scallop fishing





This weeks forecast is all over the place and scheduling will be shaky so bear with us and keep checking in to see updates for off-the-boat Rimrack scallops.

Dates we are working with now are Saturday or Sunday, 12pm and 5pm.

Stand by for updates later in the week.

Scallop dock Sales

Put your order in now** for F/V Rimrack off-the-boat scallops now being caught for pick-up tomorrow, Saturday at Rye Harbor.

We will have extra scallops for last minute availability!!

Pickup at either 12pm or 5pm (your choice). Call 603.343.1500 with name, contact number and order amount. Or, just call, leave your number and we will call you when next dock sales are scheduled.

Check out Sanders Fish Truck with Rimrack Scallops tomorrow at Cole Gardens in concord. Or Sanders Fish Market

Forward to a friend if you think they might be interested in getting fresh scallops directly off our boat at Rye Harbor! Rimrack dayboat sea scallops come directly from the water caught with love and care. Remember that Scallops freeze EXCEPTIONALLY WELL