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Scallop Update

Happy New Year coming!

Week ahead forecast

Friday- (New Year’s Day) reserving scallop orders for dock sales  –Orders are now closed
Saturday – reserving scallop orders for dock sales –  Orders are now closed
Sunday – reserving scallop orders for dock sales – Orders are now closed
Monday – No Dock Sales
Tuesday – Stay Tuned

Scallop Update

FullSizeRender-2We hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and wishing the best of a New Year!!

We are tied up this week due to weather and planning to head out again starting Thursday and Friday, by weather.

As most of you know, the scallop supply is slim so far this year, so it’s more important than ever to reserve your share of the catch, however many pounds you needs. Call 603.343.1500 to order. Be sure to make arrangements that suit your needs for larger orders 20+lbs.

As a reminder, we make daily trips (not multi-day trips), and do NOT soak or treat our organic as caught directly from the sea. Our scallops freeze ‘exceptionally’ well and have been kept for over a year with NO compromise!!!

Scallop Update

This week’s orders have been limited to expected catches and are now closed.

Please check in with us for future trips by calling 603.343.1500.

Merry Christmas, Peace and Love !

Scallop Update

We are back scalloping and F/V Rimrack is out today, Saturday, for order pickup tomorrow(Sunday)  at NOON.

Please call 603.343.1500 for orders, updates and pricing.

We plan to go this week weather permitting.

Salt – the publication by Ray Larose

We thought customers and fellow fishermen may be interested in a new journal by a talented guy, Ray Larose, who did a story about a day scallop fishing with us….The Nice Guy From Rye .

He is looking for submissions about global stories, adventures, recipes and lifestyle surrounding the coastal life.

Find out more at facebook Salt Journal and website at…….Salt is an artistic online publication of interviews, tales, photo essays and artisanal seafood surrounding a coastal lifestyle.

2016 Shrimp Update

Fishermen haven’t been able to catch the shrimp since 2013 and won’t be able to do so in 2016 because the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Northern Shrimp Section continued the moratorium. Read more here, Maine shrimp fishing ban extended another year