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Scallop Update

IMG_1384Who can guess what local restaurant owner and chef would be out working the deck harvesting some  Rimrack scallops for their menu today ! ?? The thing here is knowing and supporting others in our community with like minded values who are authentic and passionate about what they do. We hardly ever eat out, but would highly recommend visiting 7th Settlement Brewery in Dover. We did. Did you know they brew their own beer and have catering too! We love the Blackboard Entrees on the menu, where you would find F/V Rimrack scallops when available.

Scallop Update

Currently the week of January 18th looks like this
Monday – No Dock Sales
Tuesday – No Dock Sales
Wednesday – No Dock Sales
Thursday – Orders are closed
Friday – Taking Orders

Next dock sales February 6th and 7th  (weather permitting)

Rimrack Scallops at 7th Settlement Brewery

7th Settlement Brewery Rimrack scallops are simply too good not to share!

It’s great when we meet up with others who understand and value good food, who support local because it’s our community and our health, which is pretty much all the wonderful people who buy our scallops. We do have the ‘Best of the Best’ scallops and the absolutely ‘Best-est’ customers! We are sure you will appreciate 7th Settlement super menu !!! IMG_0083  IMG_0084IMG_0085

Scallop Update

Bad weather coming this week. Stay tuned ….

Scallop Update

With good weather forecasted this week, we are planning (weather permitting) dock sales on Friday and possibly Saturday. Pickup is a NOON (unless other arrangements are made) at Rye Harbor. We also have a STANDING ORDER list for those of you who have no timeline and prefer a call from us when it works best with our schedule.

This season’s supply is way off (much less) from last year, making the demand even more on an already valued seafood….and for good reason, especially Rimrack’s premium quality, best of the best scallops!!  It’s important to reserve your share of the catch by calling 603.343.1500. Check out our Daily Catch page on scallops.