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Scallop Update

We are out on this beautiful morning catching Rimrack Fish scallops. The area we are fishing are producing some of the very best in sweetness and texture that we have ever seen – our ‘merroir’ report :)
Pickup is Sunday at 12 NOON.      To Reserve your share of the catch call 603.343.1500. Or call to be put on the Alert list for future trips. FYI Many of our trips do sell out from the Alert list with standing orders.

Keep in mind our season will be coming to a close mid-April, for those who freeze supplies for the year (which is most everyone!)
Scallops freeze fantastically !!

Scallop Update

_Rimrack JPEG logoWe are planning DOCK SALES  Thursday due to upcoming bad (fishing) weather for the weekend. Pickup time is 12NOON

This year our TRIP ALERT LIST with standing orders has become so popular,  most of our trips have been reserved ahead, especially weekends, which effectively sells out well before ever posting.  So the reservation process has evolved, which has worked out much better for our customers – and for us too.

To be added to the ALERT LIST call 603.343.1500, leave your name, phone number, estimated amount of pounds (this can change when we call for a trip) and preferences for days/dates, etc..

Looks like New England’s best kept seafood secret might be getting out of the bag :)  Aside from the obvious demands of our superior product, one of the reason’s is the realization of how fantastically scallops freeze. Customers are buying in bulk for their year’s supply and traveling long distances around New England.  There are very few businesses around the country offering  direct off-the-boat seafood and none with scallops.  We are extremely pleased to make so many people happy and have an opportunity to know what real scallops should taste like!



Scallop Update


This February has been tough for us with the weather but the quality of scallops are worth the wait and the effort !! Our customers can testify that F/V Rimrack scallops are unsurpassed by none and easily a smartest choice for freezing to enjoy as needed throughout the year!

Give us a call to reserve your orders, or to be put on our ALERT  list for standing orders….603.343.1500

Please check TRIP UPDATES (top right hand column) or call for trips and dock sales.

Alert List and scallop update

IMG_2008Since last year, our ALERT LIST  for standing orders has gained a LOT of popularity !! In fact, there are days that dock sales are sold out from the list. This list is especially advantageous for those of you who are mainly looking to freeze, don’t have facebook, just forget to check the website or just forget (would be me), or simple convenience!  I make a call or text that we are having a trip and you can reserve or pass for another trip. If you are interested in that option, just call/text in your name, best phone number and estimated amount. Be sure to include ALERT LIST :)

The month of February is always shaky for weather so it will be a typical winter ‘wait and see’ each day.

Please feel free to check out facebook RimrackFish or call for any information or more details