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Scallop trip Update

For recent information on order progress, weather and other information, please check here or facebook for updates.

Currently it looks like we may miss opening day March 1 and possibly March 2. The weather (wind) factor will delay the order sequence as planned. March can be a tough month for wind….  safety comes first.

Feel free to call in 603.343.1500 for more detailed info on your personal order !  Thank you, Padi.


Scallop Update – March 1 Season Opening



March 1 is just around the corner. We are anxiously awaiting and preparing the boat for our first scalloping trip.

We have changed the order process this year to make it more fair for customers that may lose a trip (pre-order) due to weather. We are taking ‘standing orders’, name and phone # to be called for trips March 1 through March 17th (our last planned dock sales day). Prices will start at $19 (5 or more lbs), $18 (20 or more lbs) and $17 (30 or more lbs). Please let us know if there are extenuating circumstances for pickup arrangements.