Monthly Archives: March 2017

Scallop Order’s Closed for the Season

Dock sales and orders are closed for this season.

There is a possibility that we may resume dock sales this coming mid December. We may continue the ‘standing order’ model.

Stay tuned….

Thursday Update

March winds are keeping us tied up more days than not….another bust today, with Saturday and Sunday trips looking like a no go.

March 17th is our last dock sales day and unfortunately, we may not be able to get to all the standing orders this season.

Stay tuned….


Hold on New Scallop Orders

Due to high scallop demand, poor weather conditions (wind) and catches, we are not taking any more orders at this time.

We are working hard to fill our standing orders. Please stay tuned, thank you.


Sunday Update

Ugh, another day tied up due to wind!

We will most likely be calling the day of trips to give notice for order pickup time the following day. We would appreciate a return call ASAP for confirmation or unable to pickup.

Call 603.343.1500 for questions. Thank you!


Thursday Update

Today marks the first trip of the season due to weather the last 2 days. We will be filling early orders down the list.

Stay tuned!

Scalloping – 1st day (Wednesday) update

The weather (wind) has tied us up for today/Wednesday (trip 1) and probably tomorrow/Thursday (trip 2).

Currently we are planning our first dock-sales order pickup on Saturday. We will continue down the standing order list as catches and weather permit.

Please feel free to call in to check on your order status.

Have a wonderful day!