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Happy New Year!


We are out scalloping these frigid days
Got to feed the hungry ๐Ÿ˜‹
Happy New Years! ๐ŸŽ‰
Blessings, health and happiness to all๐Ÿ™

Call now to reserve your scallops for upcoming trips! And remember that our scallops freeze phenomenally well!!! We keep ours at home for a year (if they last that long :) and always taste just like we brought them up. For real.

Call Amanda @ 603-707-7517 or Spencer @ 603-724-0468 with New England Fishmongers who along with selling their own fish are making it possible to continue bringing our one of a kindย  local scallops directly off the boat to you.

Know that Rimrackfish scallops are no comparison to scallops found anywhere. The taste is an experience. Our customers know the difference and the value. All things being equal elsewhere, price should fall $30/lb +.ย  A steal at $20 and less with no soaking (added 17-30% weight) and no chemical preservatives.

Plus you get to support your community and most especially your local fisherman directly.

Stay Tuned for upcoming thoughts on scallop SIZE!