Happy New Year!


We are out scalloping these frigid days
Got to feed the hungry 😋
Happy New Years! 🎉
Blessings, health and happiness to all🙏

Call now to reserve your scallops for upcoming trips! And remember that our scallops freeze phenomenally well!!! We keep ours at home for a year (if they last that long :) and always taste just like we brought them up. For real.

Call Amanda @ 603-707-7517 or Spencer @ 603-724-0468 with New England Fishmongers who along with selling their own fish are making it possible to continue bringing our one of a kind  local scallops directly off the boat to you.

Know that Rimrackfish scallops are no comparison to scallops found anywhere. The taste is an experience. Our customers know the difference and the value. All things being equal elsewhere, price should fall $30/lb +.  A steal at $20 and less with no soaking (added 17-30% weight) and no chemical preservatives.

Plus you get to support your community and most especially your local fisherman directly.

Stay Tuned for upcoming thoughts on scallop SIZE!


Merry Fishmas to all! Peace, love and joy!!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !

Wishing everyone health, happiness and joy in the coming year.

F/V Rimrack family

Fri scallops

Off to a Rimrack Fish scallop season start, hopefully lasting through mid-April! We are grateful to Amanda and Spencer at New England Fishmongers for them to sell our scallops to our many customers and theirs, who understand the value of our community access to local seafood unlike any other place in the U.S. much less in New England! To order, call NEF 603.707.7517, 603.724.0468 or at NEF website

If you missed the announcement, I have pretty much ‘retired’ and handing the torch over to my young mentorees, who are in addition, offering groundfish at NEF!!    Padi

—–Scallop ALERT – Opening Day December 15th

IMG_1939Rimrack Fish is pleased to announce we have found a great option to continue dock sales of scallops through New England Fishmongers since we will no longer continue in this capacity ourselves.

Both innovative businesses have a shared vision and common values, bringing seafood directly from the boat to consumers. F/V Rimrack will continue to fish for the same outstanding quality scallops that NEF will sell dockside at Rye Harbor and through delivery. Check their website for further details,  or CALL (603) 707.7517 or 724.0468 or EMAIL amanda@newenglandfishmongers.com or Facebook.

They sell local fresh fish too!!

We thank you for your patronage over the years and hope you will continue enjoying our product under this new arrangement!  It will continue to be the only New England way to get highest quality,  local day boat scallops directly off F/V Rimrack!

Padi and Mike

Scallop Order’s Closed for the Season

Dock sales and orders are closed for this season.

There is a possibility that we may resume dock sales this coming mid December. We may continue the ‘standing order’ model.

Stay tuned….

Thursday Update

March winds are keeping us tied up more days than not….another bust today, with Saturday and Sunday trips looking like a no go.

March 17th is our last dock sales day and unfortunately, we may not be able to get to all the standing orders this season.

Stay tuned….


Hold on New Scallop Orders

Due to high scallop demand, poor weather conditions (wind) and catches, we are not taking any more orders at this time.

We are working hard to fill our standing orders. Please stay tuned, thank you.


Sunday Update

Ugh, another day tied up due to wind!

We will most likely be calling the day of trips to give notice for order pickup time the following day. We would appreciate a return call ASAP for confirmation or unable to pickup.

Call 603.343.1500 for questions. Thank you!


Thursday Update

Today marks the first trip of the season due to weather the last 2 days. We will be filling early orders down the list.

Stay tuned!

Scalloping – 1st day (Wednesday) update

The weather (wind) has tied us up for today/Wednesday (trip 1) and probably tomorrow/Thursday (trip 2).

Currently we are planning our first dock-sales order pickup on Saturday. We will continue down the standing order list as catches and weather permit.

Please feel free to call in to check on your order status.

Have a wonderful day!