Bait Payments

doug homan tuna


We would like to thank everyone who bought bait over the season and as a reminder for the at-sea bait, to send checks to
‘Parental Guidance Inc’
10 Washington Rd
Rye NH 03870



A good day for Paul on the F/V Julia



Sunday 7pm – The vats are filled with fresh iced (clean) herring.

Fishing Monday, 2 miles north of the “Mudhole”. Standing by ch 74.

Tuna Bait



It takes guts to catch tuna. And we have them!

Scallops guts – 5 gal, $25

Call to order….603.343.1500

Let’s hear it for the Compadre out of Rye!

Happy, happy!!

Very happy to see the Sam and crew on F/V Privateer strike it yesterday!!

F/V JULIA on a roll!!!


Paul and Ray, F/V JULIA, back to the dock 3 hours prior to PATS kickoff. Now that’s planning!!!

Plenty of bait in the coolers for Charlie.

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna

Today at Rye…..Paul M on the F/V JULIA and Dave K on F/V FISH TALES. Congrats!!!…… G Binette on again but not a keeper. Doesn’t get much better than this, a holiday, great weather and success :)




Amber Olive strikes again!!




When your hot, you’re Hot!! Fred from the F/V Amber Olive says “Hey guys thought I’d pass along a pic from last week of Dan’s 2nd fish in as many days thanks to bait from off the back of Rimrack.”

What a picture!!

Dan Beaulieu’s got another one…..99 inches and dressed at 462lbs ! Waiting for a picture of his second mate – his dog lol!