IMG_0403We are taking orders for our seasonal premium scallops for dock pickup on

Friday at 5:00PM
Saturday at 12 NOON
(or by other arrangements)

Reserve your share of the catch – 603.343.1500

Currently our plans are ending scallop dock sales April 17th

Scallop Update

This week’s orders have been limited to expected catches and are now closed.

Please check in with us for future trips by calling 603.343.1500.

Merry Christmas, Peace and Love !

Salt – the publication by Ray Larose

We thought customers and fellow fishermen may be interested in a new journal by a talented guy, Ray Larose, who did a story about a day scallop fishing with us….The Nice Guy From Rye .

He is looking for submissions about global stories, adventures, recipes and lifestyle surrounding the coastal life.

Find out more at facebook Salt Journal and website at http://readsalt.com/…….Salt is an artistic online publication of interviews, tales, photo essays and artisanal seafood surrounding a coastal lifestyle.

The Nice Guy from Rye


The Nice Guy from Rye

A local photographer, Ray Larose, recently went out for a day on the F/V Rimrack to go scalloping with Mike to capture the reality of commercial fishing which is a daunting task and seldom authentic.

The story and words give a true glimpse into Mike’s daily life at sea by a very talented guy and super  photographer !

Stay tuned for Ray’s blog about a day squid fishing off Nantucket.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Scallop Sunrise & Update



Who can resist Rimrack scallops off-the-boat from a trip kissed by this sunrise today!        

 12 noon or 5pm pickup Sunday at Rye Harbor. 603.343.1500

Saturday availability is sold out


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Scallops Off-the-Boat Update

Next planned dock sales are Saturday March 22 and Sunday March 23.

Currently dock sales are scheduled for weekends. Late night unloading from daily trips are packaged for next day pickup. Reserve your order now for  Saturday or Sunday, 12noon or 5pm pickup – your choice. 603.343.1500.As the weather changes, we will include weekday schedule as weather permits.

Hopefully we will have extra scallops available for last minute plans at the dock – First come, First serve :)

Remember that scallops freeze exceptionally well!!!  Spring is coming and this is the perfect time  to load up on freezer stashes as we head off to the Cape in late April squid fishing. We may not return to Rye and back scallop fishing until mid summer.

In the meantime or if you can’t make weekend pick-up, our scallops are readily available from our daily catches at  Sanders Fish Market (Portsmouth)

Three Cheers for Sens Ayotte and Shaheen!

***Rimrack JPEG logoThree cheers for our NH Senator’s who have been stepping it up for NH fishing industry, our fishermen and state. They have been working energetically behind the scenes while consistently listening and engaging  with us in the fishing industry to understand our myriad of ecological, economic and political complexities !

Shaheen, Ayotte Meet With Federal Officials to Discuss Relief for New England


Happy Valentine’s :)

Welcome visitors !

Over 100 curious visitors (porpoise) seeing what the Rimrack is up to today !

Fiberglass guy extraordinaire.