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F/V Rimrack mammoth tooth now on display

Tooth 1

After more than a year of research and fossil stabilization, the Rye Public Library now has the mammoth tooth on display. The tooth was brought up in a Rimrack Fish scallop tow last year!

Check out WMUR’s story Fisherman reels in possible mammoth tooth”.

We are still waiting on the return of the mastadon tooth we found a few months later, and plan on displaying that at the Rye Public Library as well.



Whoa! Epic catch off Hyannis yesterday! IMG_8789

Kelsea returning skate/ray to the deep blue :)

See NH Chronicle – Ancient Finds

IMG950730tooth 1Will Clyde


Click here to see NH Chronicle’s ANCIENT FINDS  on the mammoth and mastodon teeth we hauled in with our scallop catches in February and again last month.

Photos:Kelsea with Mastodon tooth
Mastodon tooth close-up
Will Clyde of UNH,


Update Friday ETA 4pm

FRIDAY ETA 4pm  at Rye Harbor for the best and freshest scallops you can get!! Off-the-boat.

Set your DVR’s or catch us on WMUR’s Chronicle Wednesday June 26th at 7pm,  titled Ancient Finds.
Jennifer Crompton first covered the story of Capt Mike finding a mammoth tooth in February and has followed up with a more in depth segment including the second fossil (mastodon tooth) Kelsea found last month.

Photo – An unexpected Torpedo fish (electric ray) promptly returned to the deep blue by Cranberry Bob of Vermont Cranberry Company!



We appreciate the support of our communities to help us continue to do what we love doing….fishing!

Mammoth and Mastodon teeth Update

Will Clyde


Dr. Will Clyde, UNH professor , has been working with us on learning about and stabilizing the two fossil teeth we caught aboard the Rimrack.  It’s really interesting learning about the theories, history and what can be learned by fossils. Will is awesome on explaining the significance of the find and our area’s geography. I would sign up for one of his classes!!

Jen Crompton of Chronicle is doing a segment about it all which will air in a couple of weeks. We will be sure to post when the date is.

Thursday Update


tooth 2

Father and daughter ‘fossil fishers’ :)

Capt. Mike found a wooly mammoth tooth last February and Kelsea found a mastodon tooth recently in the scallop catch. Both teeth appear to be juvenile teeth. Both mammals are believed to have become extinct over 10 thousand years ago!!

Stop by and take a look at them tomorrow ETA 5pm at Rye Harbor when the Rimrack lands. And you can pick up scallops off-the-boat too!! The scallops that we are working on now are absolutely gorgeous!


Friday may be a day off, but the weekend is looking great for fishing.wooly mammoth

Another tooth!!!


IMG950730 Another tooth…not exactly a mammoth one though!!
If you’re down getting scallops today, check out what Kelsea noticed in the catch today –

think it’s some type of mammal tooth, that is very old and ate more than veggies…really cool! tooth 1

We will post as soon as we identify this critter.

Critters from today’s trip

In addition to the pictured critters, we caught another Blue crab!!


Horseshoe crab, Scallop, Jonah crab and Sand dollar







Anemone attache/eating a ScallopIMG_0469




Mike and Rob from Seacoast Science Center picking up critters from today’s catch to share.

Strange critters

Bluecrabeel snake   Geoduck?Having been a crazy week hauling up the Mammoth Tooth, we haven’t had time to post about a few other strange critters we have seen this week on the website.  A Blue crab which is typically found more to the south, a Mya truncata, a Cyrtodaria siliqua or Northern Propellerclam  and a pipefish!

Surprise catch!!

wooly mammoth BIG surprise in our catch…. a woolly mammoth tooth !!. Pretty amazing to know it may be over 10,000 years old!!!!   From NH….. Joey Cresta’s ‘Mammoth tooth believed found in local waters’ Portsmouth Herald, Fisherman finds mammoth tooth in load of scallops,  Union Leader, and Fisherman reels in possible mammoth tooth, WMUR!!

We’re out scallop fishing today for your dinner needs through the weekend.

We recommend you reserve your order for off-the-boat scallops(603.343.1500) and meet the Rimrack at Rye Harbor State Marina Thursday at landing…ETA 6pm-ish. Let us know if you would like some scallop shells with your order!

Can’t make it to the harbor? Try Yankee Coop, Seaport Fish or Sanders and ask for locally caught seafood.

Our next planned scallop trip may not be for a few days. We will post when we know…stay tuned :)