Dock Sales Scallop Update

photo-1 Rimrack ‘scallops off-the-boat’ dock sales Saturday, April 5th.
No Sunday Dock Sales this week.
For additional availability, Rimrack Scallops can be found at Sanders Fish Market and Sanders Fish Truck in Concord NH.

Think about planning your order & pick-up at either 12 noon or 5pm. Depending on demand and catch next weekend, we hope to have extra availability (first come, first serve :)

We expect to stop scallop fishing sometime around the third week in April to head to the Cape until mid-summer when we hope to resume scalloping when we return. Remember that scallops freeze exceptionally well – Most of our customers take advantage of freezing extra for this time.

Photo: Too easy to make…Potato pancakes, flounder & scallops, flour dusted with touch of  Tony Chachere’s seasoning, seared in med-high heat  in olive oil and butter. Tartar sauce: 1/2 cup mayo, fine diced 2T pickle, 1 T capers, 1t course mustard, 1-2T white champagne or coconut vinegar. Must have lemon and avocado :)