Summer Update – Squid, Herring and Scallop news


It has been a great squiIMG_2360d season this year with good catches and meeting up with old and new friends. Some people were lucky enough to get some of our squid through Amanda at New England Fishmongers. Hopefully next year the availability will increase! It’s all fun and very healthy making local seafood accessible. Think new recipes to try! check out Thanh’s Kitchen Sauteed Squid!

Now the bad news…. NOAA/NMFS shut down the scallop season as the annual quota was reached for the northern Gulf of Maine. The new season starts March 1, 2017. Yes, that means we can not go scallop fishing until then…unless, the State of Massachusetts requests an exemption to fish state waters. This may, or may not happen…probably not in time if at all.

In the meantime, on the Rimrack return to Rye, we will give it a go for herring fishing. Stay tuned to the website or facebook for further updates as they happen.

Photo: “Work like a captain, play like a pirate”. We manage to do both at the same time, riding the duck we found floating around, in a pen full of squid.Zach says “life doesn’t get any more… Continue reading

Herring Recipes

picled herring

Although it is not herring season here (until July), it is in California. San Francisco restaurants, markets and clientele are finding ways to go ‘hyperlocal’…..  Check out some of the great information on herring nutrition and benefits, as well as some cool recipes to try when our Herring season arrives.

Bay Area’s Herring Run Is On — Go Hyperlocal in Your Seafood Eating


Photo – Our pickled herring from last August :)

Herring @ ENZO – yum, Yum !

Enzo Herring appetizer

Photo left: Rimrack Herring at ENZO Restaurant in Newburyport MA this past week! We love it that innovative chefs are offering customers some of New Englands’ best kept secrets of ‘underloved’ and ‘lesser known’ fish and seafood!! (We never like to refer to any fish as ‘trash’  fish :)  ENZO has long sent their staff to pick up seafood off the Rimrack on landings :)

Mike and I had some pan seared herring fillet s (skin on) last week and absolutely fell in love with our new best fish friend. (See Aug 30th capts log)picled herring

Next week, Silver Hake (Whiting) (maybe some Butterfish too) will be on the target list for dinner!!


Photo Right:  My first pickled herring attempt in fridge brining . Can’t wait to try this!!

One of most popular & healthiest edible fish in the world – HERRING

herring butterfish dinnerSo tonight we pan sauteed whole butterfish and filleted herring. ‘Crazy delicious’ are the unanimous opinions from BOTH captain Mike and Padi. We are definitely in for another go tomorrow night!

The butterfish was headed and gutted (H&G), the very small herring (skin on) was scaled and filleted. Both were dredged with flour, seasoned with some paprika and secret bomshell  “Chacherie’s Creole Seasoning” (a special find from Team Rimrack’s Mark Berube). We’re sure any creole/similar/your favs  types will do. The fish were cooked in olive oil and butter on high heat. Remove the fish, add butter and some TERRIFIC Cayuga White (Jewell Towne Vineyard) deglazing pan for sauce. Drink the rest….we did :)
Our garden supplied  a big fat Vidalia onion, sauteed and caramelized, fresh tomato and cucumber.

The BIG question is, “why do we not eat these beautiful delicious fishes here” ? First off, they are not readily available to the public!!! Yes, that is right!  Another reason is, they are not on restaurant menu’s, we didn’t grow up eating these delectable’s, we do not ‘know’ them and on and on….

Do yourself and your family a favor. IF you are into yummy fish,… Continue reading

Saturday Update – Uptick in Herring stocks!!


Vats are full and we will be hauling back after sunrise tomorrow,
3 miles east of the Isles of Shoals (White Island), standing by on ch74.

Good luck and best wishes (we think you will need it :)

Photo:  Team Rimrack, Brian, bearing down on the shovel today.

We are expecting the same results tomorrow at sunrise!




Herring Vats

herring VATS

The Vats are filled with fresh & iced herring. Come on down and get your Rimrack brand bait in 2 vats on left…… Rimrackfish.com.

We are out fishing again tomorrow and currently expect to go Sat & Sun….. fishing  about 4-5 miles east of White Island

Call us on ch74 for at-sea pick-up.


Wednesday Herring Update

herring 1


Geooorgeous Rimrack Herring coming Wednesday.

RIMRACK vats …. $30/bag (same as last year :)

At-sea pick-up by the tote…standing by on ch74.


Call 603.343.1500

Checks made out to Parental Guidance Inc  –   Thanks!



Herring trip for Monday.
Standing by on Ch 74 for ‘at sea’ pick-up…. 4 miles east of White Island proximity.

Planning on landing 9-12 Monday
– Stand by for updated ETA’s as they happen


Photo – Team Rimrack (Dave) with Sunday’s catch!



Drive-thru Herring



SELF SERVICE – Iced Tuna bait available in 80 lb bags @$30 each at Rye Harbor. Feel free to take a couple king whiting for tuna bait with each bag and go get Charlie!!

Check in the gray or blue xactic bin marked RimrackFish.com next to the fuel pumps -see photo :)

We will be landing herring Wednesday and Thursday (Aug 1,2 ) and should have bait available in the coolers on the dock (marked Rimrack)  call 603.436.4444

Summer Update

Currently, we have whiting and herring available on request (Mondays through Thursdays).

Whiting @  $1/lb.
Herring for tuna bait and food
Call/text  603.436.4444 for availability

I am not sure why it took so long but last week we cooked whiting for the first time ever. We cooked it up   two ways to compare and both were a very pleasant surprise. With both recipes, we gutted, cut the head off and scaled the fish.

The first way was a simple coating of flour and fried in a frying pan with oil.

The second was in a tin foil enclosed pocket with fresh mushroom, julienned carrots, sauteed shallots and fresh lemon juice roasted at 380* for approx 25 mins.

Thanks to Tatiana from Nashua for these recipes! I would make both again even though there was some effort working around the bones… but it’s the same with smelt too. And the price makes it a serious protein bargain.