Friday(3/22) Update

SS scallopsWe are out scallop fishing today for you dinner tonight.  ETA plans are landing  at 5pm at Rye Harbor State dock. Call 603.343.1500 for questions or see you at the dock!

The weather continues to look favorable through the weekend for scallop fishing.

F/V Rimrack Scallops are “day-boat” and “dry”. “Day-boat”vessels return each day rather than many days (up to 10-12) for deep sea scalloping. Those scallops must be frozen or treated with a solution of sodium tripolyphosphate (STP) to avoid spoilage, making them absorb more liquid, and known as “wet”.    “Dry” means untreated. When cooking wet scallops, the extra (milky) liquid leaks out making it difficult to sear.  When cleaning, rinse scallops, do NOT soak them as that will make them mushy. Our ‘Atlantic sea’ scallop meat runs from 10/20 per pound which is what we prefer over the 10’s or larger. In many recipes we also slice scallops horizontally into halves, thirds or quarters :) Spread the love!

Scallops freeze fantastically!  We have heard more than once, to use a little fresh milk, just enough to fill air pockets when squeezing the air out.  When storing in refrigerator, let the scallops breathe… Continue reading