pickled herring

Herring @ ENZO – yum, Yum !

Enzo Herring appetizer

Photo left: Rimrack Herring at ENZO Restaurant in Newburyport MA this past week! We love it that innovative chefs are offering customers some of New Englands’ best kept secrets of ‘underloved’ and ‘lesser known’ fish and seafood!! (We never like to refer to any fish as ‘trash’  fish :)  ENZO has long sent their staff to pick up seafood off the Rimrack on landings :)

Mike and I had some pan seared herring fillet s (skin on) last week and absolutely fell in love with our new best fish friend. (See Aug 30th capts log)picled herring

Next week, Silver Hake (Whiting) (maybe some Butterfish too) will be on the target list for dinner!!


Photo Right:  My first pickled herring attempt in fridge brining . Can’t wait to try this!!