Scallop Update

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We are planning our next dock sales for scallops again starting week of Jan 10th.
During this week we anticipate that we will have order/share pickups to meet the boat coming in at 6pm. We have had many requests to meet and see the boat and crew. For those of you who never had the opportunity to pick up your scallops this way like in years past, it is lots of fun, entertaining, educational and a terrific way way to experience the waterfront to get your dinner!! And yes, it does get cold haha. Stay tuned for more details or call Padi at 603.343.1500

Photo: For anyone who is into making their own Master Tonic (Fire Cider)(natural flu antiviral)…… after I filter the MT infusion, I dehydrate and then grind the solids for a spice mix. I dredged one scallop side and seared in olive oil/butter on med high heat, served over crunchy organic pea sprouts. Added white wine and butter to the pan with a healthy amount of garlic to drizzle over the dish with a finish of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Magnificent !