Summer Update – Squid, Herring and Scallop news


It has been a great squiIMG_2360d season this year with good catches and meeting up with old and new friends. Some people were lucky enough to get some of our squid through Amanda at New England Fishmongers. Hopefully next year the availability will increase! It’s all fun and very healthy making local seafood accessible. Think new recipes to try! check out Thanh’s Kitchen Sauteed Squid!

Now the bad news…. NOAA/NMFS shut down the scallop season as the annual quota was reached for the northern Gulf of Maine. The new season starts March 1, 2017. Yes, that means we can not go scallop fishing until then…unless, the State of Massachusetts requests an exemption to fish state waters. This may, or may not happen…probably not in time if at all.

In the meantime, on the Rimrack return to Rye, we will give it a go for herring fishing. Stay tuned to the website or facebook for further updates as they happen.

Photo: “Work like a captain, play like a pirate”. We manage to do both at the same time, riding the duck we found floating around, in a pen full of squid.Zach says “life doesn’t get any more… Continue reading

Orders for Last Dock Sales….

IMG_2811Orders are now closed 

Saturday(4/25) and Sunday(4/26), pickup at either 12noon or 5pm. Call 603.343.1500 to reserve your share of the catch!

Photo – Last night’s dinner… Rimrack Fish scallops of course! lettuce, thin julienned daikon radish and zucchini, calamari olives, feta cheese and our own kimchi.

Aug 9th scallops orders still available !

Currently we are still taking orders for off-the-boat scallops for pickup this Saturday at either 12noon OR 5pm.

We expect another sell-out and doubt there will be any extra for drive by availability :(

Stay tuned!

Aug 2nd off-the-boat dock scallops!!


Now taking orders for Rimrack Fish off-the-boat scallops for this Saturday.

Reserve you order – 603.343.1500 for Saturday pickup at Rye Harbor dock at either 12noon OR 5pm.

Share with family and friends for a truly special seafood treat !! You have not had a scallop unless it’s a RimrackFish scallop ‘kissed by the sea’.

Get Ready! Scallops off-the-boat Dock Sales – Sat. July 19th!!!


F/V Rimrack has returned from the Cape after a productive squid season. We are looking forward to some scallop and herring fishing into this fall. Be sure to share New England’s best kept secret of the freshest scallops available anywhere! Any fresher scallops are still swimming!

As a reminder, we encourage pre-orders on days that dock sales are scheduled.
Reserve your order for SATURDAY 12noon or 5pm pick-up by calling 603.343.1500.
Any Extra availability is First come, first serve :)
Make sure you have enough to freeze as scallops freeze exceptionally well.

We appreciate the support of our communities to help us continue to do what we love doing….fishing  !


Perfect Sea Scallops & Asparagus Soup

***Rimrack JPEG logoHighly recommended from a local Rimrack Fish regular. Perfect timing with fresh asparagus around the corner! Comment was ‘cream was really not necessary’. Thanks Rick !

Asparagus Soup with Perfect Sea Scallops from Alex Hitz

Ceviche Recipe from Martingale Wharf

Great WMUR ceviche recipe video using Premium and Local Rimrack Fish scallops!! (Ugh to the Ad)

Three cheers for Martingale Wharf in Portsmouth!!

F/V Rimrack scallops can be found at Sanders Fish Market when available.

Any fresher scallops are still swimming!

We appreciate the support of our communities to help us continue to do what we love doing….fishing  !

Dock Sales Scallop Update

photo-1 Rimrack ‘scallops off-the-boat’ dock sales Saturday, April 5th.
No Sunday Dock Sales this week.
For additional availability, Rimrack Scallops can be found at Sanders Fish Market and Sanders Fish Truck in Concord NH.

Think about planning your order & pick-up at either 12 noon or 5pm. Depending on demand and catch next weekend, we hope to have extra availability (first come, first serve :)

We expect to stop scallop fishing sometime around the third week in April to head to the Cape until mid-summer when we hope to resume scalloping when we return. Remember that scallops freeze exceptionally well – Most of our customers take advantage of freezing extra for this time.

Photo: Too easy to make…Potato pancakes, flounder & scallops, flour dusted with touch of  Tony Chachere’s seasoning, seared in med-high heat  in olive oil and butter. Tartar sauce: 1/2 cup mayo, fine diced 2T pickle, 1 T capers, 1t course mustard, 1-2T white champagne or coconut vinegar. Must have lemon and avocado :)

Scallop recipe from Gail


Gail says ” Good morning Padi wanted to let you know the last batch of scallops were perfection! Recipe from
Scallops with Asparagus – I substituted lemon juice for white vinegar – outstanding.”

99 cooks rated this recipe 4 stars (top rating). Must be something to it. Thanks for sharing Gail!!



Monday Scallop Update

scallop breakfast

Landing  Monday 5:30 pm **

**Tonights ETA could possibly change during the day. Stay tuned for updates. Thx!

Reserved order and Updates….603.343.1500

Photo: “Capts. delight” (scallops with anything), but breakfast this morning!!