Perfect Sea Scallops & Asparagus Soup

***Rimrack JPEG logoHighly recommended from a local Rimrack Fish regular. Perfect timing with fresh asparagus around the corner! Comment was ‘cream was really not necessary’. Thanks Rick !

Asparagus Soup with Perfect Sea Scallops from Alex Hitz

Scallop Carrot Ginger Curry Soup

scallop carrot soup2 lbs(6 cups) Carrots thinly sliced rounds
1 lg Sweet Potato thinly sliced
6 cups Chicken/veg broth
1-2 cups Onion diced
3 T Ginger fresh minced
1 T Brown sugar
1-2 T Curry
½ t Coriander
1/8 Nutmeg
1-3 Garlic fresh

OPTIONAL – 1 cup coconut milk, Cayenne

SCALLOPS – Preheat cast iron skillet (no oil/butter), med-high heat. Add 6 scallops about 1 min each side, remove from heat. OR sear in med high heat with olive oil & butter. Whatever way you prefer.

Saute onion in oil to soften, add ginger, garlic, spices (play with choice and amounts for your own preferences) about 1 minute. Add broth and carrots, bring to boil then reduce to med-low heat for about 30 mins. Allow to cool some and puree or blender in small batches. Add coconut milk, and more broth if too thick. The best part…..  add the SCALLOPS !!!  This soup freezes well too!!