Squid Bag Video – Nantucket Sound.


Brian dropping Rimrack Fish Squid bag – Can’t wait to cook some up!


Get ready for Squid recipes !

81a9da463b553a09b94089250a1ac00bStart thinking about Squid recipes and learning more about this local species that is a terrific seafood especially for the home kitchen!  Here are some to start with.

Solving Squid Spatter (and No, Not the Ink) Mark Bittman, NY Times

10 Tentacles, 12 Recipes Mark Bittman, NY Times

How to cook perfect calamari

Picture lovers – Click Google image for page website

Picture Lovers – Calamari Recipes, Pinterest, click image to go to website

Video – Stuffed Braised Calamari Recipe – by Laura Vitale

Video – Jamie’s Crispy Fried SquidJamie Oliver


Photo from Pinterest –  Party squid & harissa mayo