Silver Hake (aka whiting) off Rimrack at Seaport!!

Good news! the Rimrack found some large Silver Hake (whiting) today.

Today we are partnering with Seaport Fish to make it available for consumers that ordinarily will have no chance on ever getting any of this seasonal and local fish…..and off the F/V Rimrack!! Should be delivered by 3pm. BTW, Seaport has a new location in Kittery Maine now.

Here are some whiting recipes, but I would think any white fish recipe would be fine.

Looks like the UK is trying to promote under-rated (Whiting) fish too, and have shared some interesting recipes that would work with a lot of fish…..
How to Cook Whiting and Whiting RecipesWhiting is One of the Tastiest Eating Fish in Any Sea