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When the Rimrack is fishing our catch is available off the dock on trip landings or scheduled pick-up times.
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We are currently closed for scallop dock sales.
There is a possibility that we may resume mid-December/2017. We may continue with ‘standing orders’. Stay tuned

scallop meats

 Off-the-F/V RIMRACK  SCALLOPS (shucked) – Season is variable on changing regulations and availability.

The only direct off-the-boat catch in New England!
Any fresher scallops are still swimming    

Share with family and friends. Scallops make a unique gift. Scallops freeze EXCEPTIONALLY well!

F/V Rimrack scallops are New Englands best kept secret, ‘Dayboat’ (caught daily) fresh from the sea, shucked with expert quality and personal pride. See and taste the difference that is simply the best of the best flavored with an unique merroir of our special fishing grounds! Any fresher scallops are still swimming!


SHRIMP – (Jan – Feb) – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 shrimp season Closure by ASMFC

SQUID (Loligo) (May-July)

WHITING – (July – October)

HERRING – (July – October)

GROUNDFISH – variable

SCALLOPS are “day-boat” and “dry”. “Day-boat”vessels return each day rather than many days (up to 10 days) for deep sea scalloping. Those scallops can be frozen or treated with a solution of sodium tripolyphosphate (STP) to avoid spoilage, making them absorb more liquid, and known as “wet”.    “Dry” means untreated. When cooking wet scallops, the extra (milky) liquid leaks out making it difficult to sear.  When cleaning, rinse scallops, do NOT soak them as that will make them mushy. Be sure to dry scallops (we use a paper towel) to sear. Our ‘Atlantic sea’ scallop meats typically runs from 16-25 per pound

**Scallops freeze fantastically** Our recommendation is to use freezer bags, squeeze the air out (add 1-2 teaspoons of water if needed) and lay flat. To thaw, defrost in refrigerator overnight or in cold water (keep sealed) for 20-30 minutes. Be sure to pat dry scallops if searing! We have kept our scallops frozen for months no problem!!  When storing in refrigerator, do not store in plastic bags, and let the scallops breathe by keeping a loose wet paper towel or top over them and they will keep for DAYS!!!  Rinse to clean any loose sand/debris and then pat dry especially for searing.

Until the ‘Nice guy from Rye’ gets his ‘catch em and cook em’ video made, Capt Mike says Alton Brown is the man and the best on the internet forSEARED’ scallops.…

There are a myriad ways to cook scallops found on the internet or from your favorite restaurant.  No wonder scallops are one of America’s favorite seafood, but a classic sear in olive or coconut oil and butter on med/high heat with a squeeze of fresh lemon is hard to top.  Take care to not overcook them!!!

SQUID Believe it or not, fresh Loligo squid is almost impossible to find in New England, even though it is the most sought after in the world!!  Most squid has been frozen ‘at least’ once! Our Rimrack squid is saltwater rinsed available directly from the ocean, unprocessed and not cleaned (aka “dirty”). (Squid and Scallops (we include shrimps too) are probably the best seafoods to freeze). We understand many people freeze squid either way – cleaned, or dirty and cleaned after defrosted. F/V Rimrack unloads late at night and the squid will be at Sanders Fish Market the next morning! Check out some terrific recipes and cleaning video’s.

SHRIMP –  To PEEL for meat, shrimp must be soaked/covered with fresh water a minimum of 8 hours!!!   UNCOOKED/RAW shrimp meat can then be frozen (small amount of water with air squeezed out – see videos) or refrigerated and used as soon as possible.

When cooking whole, headed or peeled, it is critical to not overcook the sweet and delicate shrimp by removing from heat as soon as shrimps start to curl and change color (60 seconds).  Depending on the recipe, we cook the shrimp separately (shrimp release a lot of liquid and cooks so fast)  and then add when the recipe is finished.  Shrimp off-the-boat has no  antibiotics, hormones or additives/preservatives to increase shelf-life. Check out our video on how to process shrimp. We keep our shrimp for a year at a time. They freeze fantastically!

  • *Northern Shrimp, (Pandalus borealis) –  Maine shrimp,  Gulf of Maine shrimp, NH shrimp, New England shrimp, Native shrimp,  Pink shrimp. More about Northern shrimp  “Taking the temperature of the shrimp fishery

Like farmers, our catch and harvest effort varies by season and can include:  Shrimp, Scallops, Squid, Cod, Haddock, Pollock, Whiting(Silver Hake), Redfish (Ocean Perch), Fluke, Black Sea Bass, Butterfish, Silver Hake,  Lobster, and Herring.
1) Improve Price to Fishing Boats.
2) Educate consumers about quality seafood, sustainability, Local NH Fishing Industry & Fishermen.
3) Give back to the community that supports us.